Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering/ Automation


Mechanical engineering, electrical enineering and IT knowledge united

The course of studies in mechatronic/automation stands for the combination of elements from mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science. It enables you to develop and produce technical systems and increase performance. During this practice-integrated course of studies, you as a prospective engineer will put complex systems into operation and ensure their mainentrance and improvement. You can implement your theoretical knowledge directly in our company.

Current exercises in our company will accompany you through your entire studies and as a consequence you will constantly improve your skills in project management and daily teamwork. The Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering/ Automation is an academic degree that represents the first university degree qualifying students for a profession.If you like the prospect of a high level of practice-integrated study quality - then we would rather get to know you sooner than later and would be glad to advise you before your enrolment!


Standard period of study is 7 semester/ 3,5 years (180 credit)

Entry requirements: 
German Abitur or Fachhochschulreife (or approved qualification of equal value)

Place of study:
Fachhochschule Bielefeld
Fachbereich Ingenieurswissenschaften und Mathematik
Place of study Gütersloh
Schulstraße 10
33330 Gütersloh
+49 521 / 106 - 7758

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